As CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Anderson has grown his self-named Manhattan-based firm into an industry-leading ghostwriting, editing, and publishing services company with offices nationwide and a long list of notable clients — including New York Times #1 bestselling authors, publishers, and agents. With a passion for literature, storytelling, and the pursuit and exchange of knowledge, Kevin’s most satisfying moments come when his clients are able to express themselves articulately and with confidence. Gifted writers are rare, but many people have incredible stories and invaluable wisdom to share — giving his clients a powerful conduit through which to voice these stories and concepts is exactly why Kevin established his career in the publishing industry.

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Personal Bio

Kevin grew up on a small mixed-farm in a remote area of Northern Alberta, Canada. Homeschooled through most of grade school, he graduated with a class of 3 students at a small private high school in the town of Cold Lake, Alberta, before completing his BA magna cum laude (majoring in history and philosophy) at the University of Lethbridge. It was during these formative years that Kevin developed an interest in literary theory and understanding both the power and limitation of the written word.

Growing up in a remote area offered a variety of unique employment opportunities, including tree planting via helidrop in the mountain ranges of Alberta and British Columbia, lifeguarding, oil spill clean-up on the rigs of Northern Alberta, teaching first grade and high school, developing high school English curriculum for T.H.E.E., bear and moose outfitting, social worker with high-risk youth, founder/organizer of a soup kitchen for the homeless, and numerous stints as a farm hand.

In 2005, Kevin matriculated to Harvard University with the intention of completing his PhD and pursuing a career as a professor of literary criticism. While completing his studies, Kevin worked for Harvard teaching English and writing to its employees. During this time, he launched a private tutoring company (staffed with his Harvard classmates) to serve the Boston-area. Kevin quickly expanded the business to include a virtual platform through which his team could assist clients throughout the United States and Canada. It was around this time that Kevin began collaborating with Harvard classmate Cole Gustafson, who would eventually become a full-time managing editor at the firm. 

By 2008, Kevin incorporated the business and moved the base of operations to Manhattan shortly thereafter. With a growing staff of widely published and bestselling authors, former acquisitions editors from major houses, Kevin Anderson & Associates quickly became one of the most well-respected ghostwriting firms in the industry. Featured in The Washington Post and Inc. Magazine, Kevin’s contributions to the ghostwriting industry have been well documented. Utilizing a team approach to not only plan and outline clients’ books, but to also collaborate with them throughout the writing, editing, and publishing process, Kevin’s clients began to enjoy the success that such an approach can achieve. One-time aspiring authors, such as Norman Ollestad and Scott Cawthon, saw their books rise to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. In 2014, Kevin Anderson & Associates opened a Nashville office to better serve clients from the Southern US, and then a Los Angeles office in 2017 for West Coast clients. Today, Kevin Anderson & Associates’ client list includes major publishers, numerous top-tier literary agencies, notable public figures, and a wide range of both published and aspiring authors.

Kevin is dedicated to continually improving the quality of his company’s staff, ethos, and methodology, as well as ensuring his clients receive the highest-quality and most personalized service in the industry. There is no greater professional reward to him than to see his clients’ dreams of writing a book come true.

Kevin is blessed with a beautiful and incredibly supportive wife, Jaime, along with four children — Kalyn (b. 2010), Jameson (b. 2014), and two identical twin boys, Bentley and Brady (b. 2015). Boating, hiking, board games, cooking, watersports, reading, mixology, and traveling are a regular part of the Anderson-family experience. In Kevin’s limited moments of spare time, he enjoys reading classic literature, wakeboarding, film studies, surfing, painting, composing music for piano, and Pub Trivia.